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In July 2002, a resident of the city of Sherbrooke and user of the public transport service of this city filed in Superior Court of Quebec a Motion for authorization to institute a class action against the drivers' union of Sherbrooke's transport corporation, following a surprise strike of its members on the morning of June 12th, 2002.

It has to be remembered that, on June 12th, 2002, the drivers of Sherbrooke's transport corporation caught the users unprepared by interrupting the public transport service during the morning rush hour. Thousands of users were left to themselves on the city's sidewalks on a rainy morning.

The class action has been filed on behalf of all users of Sherbrooke's transport corporation who suffered a prejudice as a result of the sudden strike of June 12th, 2002. On January 9th, 2003, the Honourable Jean-François Buffoni, j.s.c., granted the Motion for authorization to institute a class action.

Then, in February 2004, after having heard the merit of the case, the Honourable Danielle Richer, j.s.c., granted the class action of the members and condemned the union, among other things, to pay a sum of $100,000 as damages and interest.

The claiming period for this case has now expired and the file is closed.

This class action is led by Belleau Lapointe, S.A.


February 2004

The Honourable Danielle Richer, j.s.c., grants the class action and condemns the Syndicat to pay $100,000 to the class members.

January 2004

The trial takes place in Sherbrooke.

June 2003

The case is inscribed for proof and hearing.

May 2003

The Syndicat files its Plea.

February 2003

A Class Action is instituted against the Syndicat des chauffeures et chauffeurs de la Corporation de transport de Sherbrooke.

November 2002

The Superior Court of Quebec authorizes the class action.

July 2002

Filing of a Motion for Authorization to Institute a Class Action.